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Comtal Technologies and Engineering Ltd is a holding group which holds Israeli and Canadian companies in the Technological field. The group focus is in companies with a long lasting economic growth potential and stability in trade market. The group, founded in 2000 by Mr. Amichai Drezner, leading method is to initiate, develop and always be in the front of the technologic industry.

Comtal Technologies and Engineering Ltd:
Mr. Amichai Drezner- Chairman & Owner
Mr. Meir Yalon - CEO
Mr. Ran Alon, CPA- CFO

Comtal Technologies and Engineering Ltd structure

A leading Company in the pneumatics and automation motion Technology. Conlog consult, distributor and sell engineer solutions
Abiry Technologies
Specializes in creative motion control solutions. provides motion control products and consulting services to leading companies in the industry.
Hortal Machinery
Exclusive Marketer of laser and plastic injection machines, peripheral equipment, service and customer support.
Humphrey Automation
Specialized in importing and marketing of pneumatics, automation motion Technology and hydraulics products in Canada.
Equipment & solution to limited motion needs at the home environment.
M.T.T Machinery
Offers solutions in the metalworking industry.
A leading Company in the electric assembling market, Manufacturing processes, microscopic electronic. Picotech
Specializes in Marketing amd supporting leding brands in the life science and analytical chemistry fields.
Ambar Domus
specializes in convenience equipment and vertical accessibility.



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