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Servo Driver

Servo drives allows the control of the speed and positioning of Servo motors.

Abiry Technologies allows both Analog and Digital Servo drives.

The analog servo drives are connected to both Brushed or Brushless motor, and the command controls either velocity or torque of the control motor /load.

The speed or torque of the motor depends on the drive capability to deliver current (Amps) and voltage (Volts) to the motor.

The Digital drives are microcontroller based drives, that allows full motor control of the speed, torque and shaft positioning. The Digital drives includes I/O to control the machine function, they read the motor feedback (encoder/ resolver etc.) and includes an internal memory for small function program.

Digital drives communicate with the computer / PLC through the network in different formats based on the customer network system.

  • דרייבר למנוע סרוו AMC

    Advanced Motion Controls is an American manufacture that creates and delivers motion control drives for brushed or brushless servo motors.
  • דרייבר למנוע סרוו ElectroCraft

    ElectroCraft specializes in dependable motors and motion products. Offers custom manufacture to verity of products such as: AC motors, DC motors, brushless motors, servo& step motors and linear actuators.
  • דרייבר למנוע סרוו Parker

    Parker is a leading motion control products manufacture specialized in developing new technologies for motion control systems.

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