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Linear Stages

Linear Stages move's in Linear Motion and can carry heavy load, takes part in Motiom Systems that requires accurate, precise and reliable bearing.

The use of Linear Stage

The Linear Stage are widely used in Industrial Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Medical Industry, Printing Machines and Food Processing Industry.

Abiry Technologies markets variety of Linear Stage according to customer's application Requirements.

  • Oriental Motors Electric Linear Slides

    Oriental Motors offers Electric Linear slides up to travel of 850mm with absolute encoders .There are versions with clean room compatibility.
  • צירים לינאריים VELMEX

    Velmex manufacture UniSlide, BiSlide and XSlide Assemblies products line. The company, located in USA, offers comfortable prices, modular design in a broad range of sizes and payload capacities at reasonable cost.
  • צירים לינאריים IAI

    IAI is the German sales, marketing and service brunch of IAI Corporation, which is based in Japan. Between the company's product lines: RC RoboCylinder, IA Intelligent Actuator and IX Intelligent Actuator
  • צירים לינאריים Parker

    Parker is a leading motion control manufacture specialized in developing new technologies for motion control systems.
  • צירים לינאריים Moog Animatics

    Moog Animatic designs and manufacture motion control, highly reliable, products from simple two-axis pick to complex machines.

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