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Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator is based on a step or a DC motor motion structure, for small to medium power. The Linear Actuator is built from a screw moving throw the motor, or a motor with a "fix" screw attached to it with a moving nut. This can be a "standard" or a Zero Backlash nut. Linear electric cylinders can also be supplied in a "integrated motor" form that includes a driver and a screw as one unit

  • בוכנות חשמליות ElectroCraft

    ElectroCraft specializes in dependable motors and motion products. Offers custom manufacture to verity of products such as: AC motors, DC motors, brushless motors, servo& step motors and linear actuators.
  • בוכנות חשמליות Schneider Electric

    Schnieder Electric is an industry leader in integrated motor and drive solutions with a solid commitment to excellence in Motion. The company's leading products line is Lexuim MDrive that offers smart integrated motors in verity of sizes and outputs.
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