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IXARC incremental encoders

Cologne - Introducing durable, magnetic incremental IXARC encoders, POSITAL now covers the complete encoder technology spectrum. The incremental units employ a new sensor that also forms the basis for POSITAL’s latest generation of magnetic absolute encoders. Together with a specially developed signal processing software, the new sensor ensures high precision and dynamics. The incremental encoders allow users to choose any number of pulses between 1 and 16,384 and provide an accuracy of 12 Bit (0.09°). Available with protection classes up to IP69K, the units have a diameter of 36 or 58 mm.

There is a wide range of options for mechanical integration, such as blind hollow shafts and solid shafts with various diameters as well as different flange and housing sizes. Users can choose between steel, stainless steel (V4A, V2A) and aluminum versions. The new incremental encoders are thus also available as versions for demanding environments (high axle loads, protection ratings up to IP69K, high shock resistance). As another advantage, the accompanying software allows for complete control over signal processing. In the future, user-specific parameter adjustments (e.g. rotational direction, zero pulse position, or filter settings) will therefore become possible without any costly changes to the hardware.


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